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Free hosting: disadvantages and risks it poses for the website
By a free site in this article, we mean the ability to use web hosting without paying. In most cases, this service also includes a simple website builder.  But is everything so clear with free hosting? After all, any free service can have many hidden restrictions and costs, which will be discussed in the article.

Very low website speed  

Most often, on free hosting, the amount of server capacity, on which the speed of sites depends, is minimal. Free hosting providers host a huge number of sites on one server, which affects the speed of their work. The result is sad, sites work slowly, users are unhappy, SEO suffers, profits are not growing.

Unprofessional URL of your site

 A website address can tell a lot about you to your users. Sites on free hosting often receive addresses that are based on the domain of the provider itself. Even for a not too experienced user, it will become clear that this domain is free. And whether he will take a company with such an address seriously is a question. If you want a domain without such a prefix, then you will need to pay for a premium account and the service will no longer be free.

Poor manageability and closed access to site data

 Many companies who create a website on free hosting eventually make a choice in favor of a full-fledged paid service. But at this point, it turns out that the free hosting does not have the tools to make the move. And if you finally decide to move your site to a paid service, then you will need to either create a site from scratch, or pay web developers and content managers to transfer content manually. These such costs can significantly outweigh the "savings" on free hosting.

Annoying ads on the site.

 "Free" hosters make money on advertising, and sites can place other people's ads with extraneous information, which often covers the main content, looks intrusive and spoils the impression of the site itself. Most likely, you will not be able to influence the placement of such ads by using the free service.

Uncontrolled transfer of personal information

Sharing clients' personal information with third parties can be another option for additional income for free hosting providers. At the very least, you can end up on the spam mailing list, but more serious consequences are possible. Agree, this is not only unpleasant, but also unsafe. In addition, it can be spelled out in the user agreement, which few people read.