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Whether you decide to create your own website or are looking for a cozy place for an already finished project, Baselix will do the job better than anyone. Especially for you, we offer different hosting plans, so that it would be easier to choose a more suitable service for your needs.

Comfortable Controls & Other Shared Hosting Features
Our hosts support work with applications to make it easier to obtain information and statistics of visits to your site. Moreover, they use the latest technologies to ensure data security when connecting and visiting the site
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Easy To Control & Scale Resources
When you connect to our hosting plan, you also get access to our analytical service, which is intuitively simple and informative. The solution will be a great bonus especially for those who need to get the most out of their target audience. Explore your service from A to Z
Additional space or emails & more managing services
To fine-tune your hosting system, we offer the additional amount of memory, as well as possibility for creation as many mailboxes as needeed for the optimized operation of your site. In addition, hosting is built to boost WordPress websites. With WordPress hosting you get resources and tools specifically designed to help you get the most out of your WordPress website.
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